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Ilovegraphics Ilovegraphics 18 May 2012

Design a colorful POP art poster in Photoshop

Pop, colorful art is always a theme that you can use for color posters, especially if you want a distinctly vogue or fashionable effect. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can turn your own Photographs into distinct works of colorful POP poster art. Just follow the easy steps listed below and you should have little trouble creating these festive designs.

1. To start out colorful pop poster art, we of course setup the poster itself in a new document. The first task is to set the correct dimensions and resolution. For our purposes, we will be using an 11x17 inch poster dimension at 300ppi resolution for poster printing. We also changed the color mode to CMYK since the printer is using a four color type machine. You will want to determ…

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