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A digital camera is a device that allows a real-world scene to be converted to a digital image—photography. Much like the film cameras traditionally used by photographers, digital cameras consist of a lens that collects light, a shutter and diaphragm that control the passage of this light, a sensor to record the light, and a chamber or body to contain the parts and keep out unwanted light. (Camera is Latin for "chamber".) Instead of photosensitive film, a digital camera uses an electronic sensor, an image processor, and flash memory.

Digital cameras are distinct from scanners, which are used to convert film or paper documents to electronic form.

Many cameras use the JPEG format to store images, as it was designed for this purpose. More advanced cameras allow the raw image data to be transferred directly from the image processor, in some sort of RAW format.

Photoshop is able to edit image files from digital cameras, either by acquiring them directly from the camera (usually through USB), or transferring them through detachable memory cards. Some camera models allow a photo to be captured on demand while tethered to the computer.

To allow transfers from a camera, the computer's operating system usually provides an interface:

Other Adobe products can help to maintain a digital image collection, such as Lightroom and Photoshop Express.

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