Photoshop 0.63 was the first version of the now-popular image editing software. It was published by John Knoll for Macintosh System 7 on October 2, 1988.[1]


Before choosing the name "Photoshop", John called the project "ImagePro", and perhaps other names lost to history.[2] Eventually, the "Photoshop" branding was chosen, and an upgraded version would be offered to BarneyScan for distribution with their slide scanner.


As image processing is RAM-intensive, Photoshop was able to make use of virtual memory, which was a new feature of System 7.[3] Photoshop would also take advantage of now-standard QuickDraw 32-bit color support.

From the start, Photoshop included the following features:


Lasso Marquee
Hand Move
Crop tool Eraser
Paint Bucket Eyedropper
Brush tool Pencil
Airbrush tool Smudge tool
Blur tool Sharpen tool


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