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Original box of version 2.0

Adobe Photoshop Album was a digital media organizer that was originally developed by Fotiva and marketed by Adobe Systems for managing photo and video files.

Product history[]

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Early history[]

Version 1.0

The software began as a concept called PhotoTablet, which was conceived by Michael Slater during the Thanksgiving weekend of 1999.[1] The PhotoTablet company was formed around the project in February 2000 at Santa Rosa, California. The privately-held company was renamed Fotiva in October 2001 and was acquired by Adobe Systems on December 5, 2001.[2]

Photoshop Album 1.0 was released in February 2003, solely as a Windows-only product.[3]

Alternate editions[]

Alternate box of 2.0

With version 2.0, Adobe also released a free "Starter Edition" that lacked advanced features from the full commercial version, such as calendar view, multiple catalog organization, automatic fixes, and slide shows.[4] It was also bundled with Photoshop Elements 2.0.[5] However, most of Photoshop Album's features were integrated directly into Photoshop Elements 3.0,[6] rendering it redundant by that point.[7]


Adobe discontinued sales of Photoshop Album in Fall 2006 and recommended users migrate to Photoshop Elements 5.0.[8] The free Starter Edition continued to be made available and was updated to version 3.2 in April 2007. The album functionality has since been superseded by Elements Organizer.[1]


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