Tools, like their real-world counterpart, allow for manual selection, manipulation, and navigation of images using a mouse or tablet stylus. Compared to menu commands, tools are more targeted and localized.

Tools appear in the toolbox floating palette, usually located on the left side of the workspace.

With the exception of the Airbrush tool, all of the original tools have remained available. And with the exception of the 3D tools available in Extended, new tools are usually variations of existing tools and grouped accordingly.


Main article: Troubleshooting

All tools have a "Reset Tool" option, available by right-clicking in the toolbox or options bar. The "Reset All Tools" option is also available.

In some cases, Photoshop may get stuck with the Hand tool, unable to switch to any other tool. This can usually be resolved by going to Preferences > General, and clicking "Reset All Warning Dialogs".

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