Photoshop CS2's Toolbox Palette
Photoshop Versions: All Versions
Keyboard Shortcut: none by default

The Toolbox is a floating palette that contains Photoshop's primary mouse-controlled tools. These various tools, when activated with a left mouse click, replace the user's mouse cursor with the selected tool. The user can then use that tool to perform various functions also controlled primarily via the mouse.

To conserve on desktop real estate, some tools are 'hidden' behind other tools of a similar nature. These hidden tools can be activated by clicking and holding the foreground tool, until a flyout menu appears. The user can then select the desired tool from that flyout menu.

Many tools feature keyboard shortcuts, and both displayed and hidden tools can be activated by pressing the various hotkeys associated with those tools. Some tools are given the same keyboard shortcut (example: the Rectangular Marquee tool and the Elliptical Marquee tool both have the keyboard shortcut 'M'), and thus the user can scroll through multiple tools by pressing the same key more than once (pressing 'L' on the keyboard will activate the Lasso tool, pressing 'L' again will activate the Polygonal Lasso tool, and pressing it a third time will activate the Magnetic Lasso tool).

The Toolbox is organized by gathering together tools that provide similar functionality. Tools used primarily for selection are grouped beside one another, as well as painting tools, retouching tools, and so on.

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